We are independent animal safety consultants.
We are not paid by nor given grants by any film entities.
We provide written, daily reports to production as well as the end credit disclaimer.

About Us

We are a unique 501(c)3 company. We think you will find you are surprised and pleased that you have made our aquaintance. Why choose our organization? We do things a little differently. We are lifelong, dedicated “animal people”. We are passionate, educated and experienced. We collectively bring hundreds of years of hands-on experience with animals to the table. We are zookeepers and trainers, humane educators and vet techs, we are lifelong horse owners and wildlife rehabbers, prior humane officers, animal safety reps, law school graduates. We are certified dog trainers, behaviorists, groomers. We are shelter professionals, first responders and humane investigators. We are expert witnesses, teachers and mentors. There is virtually no aspect of the animal field we have not worked in professionally. Animals have always been our passion and our life’s work. We have, by virtue of experience, worked with literally everything from mice to elephants and bring that experience and education to you.

We bring a very unique organization to the table. One that brings animal welfare well into the 21st century by combining a unique perspective of “best practices” to the training field, consulting for productions for animal safety and welfare, providing expert witness services for animal-related issues in the courts and teaching on-going humane education in the classrooms. We bring a long needed New World Order to consultation for animal safety. In a field often divided and fractured by extremes, we celebrate animals and their relationships with people. We believe in humane training and that animals should be firmly ensconced in our world, that we should embrace and celebrate them, always in a manner that is respectful and safe. We grew up watching Old Yeller, Charlie the Lonesome Cougar and Black Beauty. Those films left a lasting impression on us. We still ride horses, train our own animals and attend conferences on a regular basis. We have the on-set, classroom and courtroom knowledge to bring to you each and every day. We know the importance of animals in our lives and want to share that passion and expertise with others. We are excited to work with you!

Our Company Credits

Square Planet, Gucci, Chase Bank, Station Film, Damon Productions, Sony Pictures, Amblin, Fox, Dogs Trust, K-9 Co-Stars, Public Content, Tuna Melts My Heart, The Dogist, Toast Meets World, Muppets Revenge, 44Blue Productions, City of Malibu, Superprime, Instagram, Mellow Media, Creative Blood, Google Project, Lucy Pet Foundation, Bidwell Wildlife Rehab, Republic Content, 1st Ave Machine, Netflix, Hey Baby Films, A Dog’s Way Home, Temptations, O Positive, Priceline, Secretariat, Hallmark, Spring Fling, Radical Media – Geico, Anonymous Content – Samsung, Tool of North America – StateFarm, Missing Pieces, Clean & Clear, Tool of North America – Walmart, The Buddha Project, Lola Productions – Equinox, Gentleman Scholar Productions – American Airlines, A Common Thread – Sage & Spoils, Wondros – Michelob, Mustache Productions – Galactic Heroes, Story Productions – McDonalds – A Better McNugget, A Common Thread – Rockbox Party, Racing Cowboys – Exxon Mobil, Missing Pieces – GMC, Framestore Pictures – Blue Bunny, Vacation Theory – Aizone, Bullitt, LLC – Campbells, Vacation Theory – UDI’s Tableaux, Rebel Films – Nickelodeon, Hungry Man – Dish Network, Serial Pictures – Ancestry.com, Other Films – Purina One, O Positive – The Pitch, Brother LA – Intel, Velocity – Pizza Hut.


Bios (2020), A Dog’s Way Home, A Dog’s Journey, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Randy’s Canvas, Captain K9, A Day with Zachary, Shark Diver, The Adventures of Little Bo Zeke.

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